Top 5 reasons my friend should go on a Disney Cruise (that have nothing to do with Sun, Sand or water)

Written by Stephanie Crouch 


I have been trying to convince my good friend to go on a Disney cruise with my family for over a year now. Like my family, they are experienced Disney fans who know their way around the park but have not made the leap down the boat gangway.

For this reason I give you my Top 5 reasons they need to get their butt on a Disney Boat:


5. Movies:


Disney is known for their movies. What always amazes me is the number of places you can watch a movie on a Disney Cruise. The big smoke stacks by the pool? It is a gigantic movie screen (called Funnel Vision) that plays everything from classic black and white cartoons in the morning to Pirates of the Caribbean on Pirate Night. There is a state of the art movie theater on the boat that shows first run, 3D (if available) movies every day, all day long. On our June cruise we had the ability to watch Maleficent, Bears, Captain America Winter Soldier, Muppets Most Wanted, Frozen (including Sing along) and many more I’m forgetting. A nice surprise we discovered this trip was that all Disney Movies ever made are available in your room. I think everything up to and including Brave was available and on demand at our fingertips. Grab your popcorn!

4. Entertainment:


Movies are not the only competition for your time while on the cruise. The entertainment for kids and adults is worth the price of the cruise fare. Disney does it right. For kids, we cannot say enough about the kids club. Half of the time my husband is jealous of the fun things my girl gets to do and wishes he could join. Video games on floor to ceiling TVs, classes such as Professor MakeaMess or the kids cooking class where they make flubber are just a few of the amazing choices. If the kiddos don’t like the scheduled activities, there is an arts and crafts area, movies or storytime with a character to engage and entertain. They will also feed them lunch or dinner if mom and dad have a special date of their own during meal time.


The grownups will be thrilled that the kids are happy with the kids club; the adult entertainment options are amazing. Stem to Stern (a walking tour of the boat combined with wine tasting), mixology classes, lectures with Disney Imagineers, yoga classes, the options are endless. Did you love that lobster ravioli from dinner last night or the cute towel animals in your room? There is a class for that. Nightlife your thing? There are 6 bars and nightclubs on the boat for you to dance the night away.


For family time together there are game shows, comedians, bingo, karaoke, character meets, and endless opportunities for your family to make memories.

3. Shopping!


Shopping while on the Disney Cruise is almost as much fun as shopping for Cruise. There are 3 main stores on the ship, plus an art gallery. I love to see my old friends Dooney and Vera on the ship. Disney beach wear, cruise exclusive souvenirs, jewelry, stuffed critters, duty free booze and perfume, vinylmations, pins, pens. These little shops give World of Disney a run for my money.

As awesome as the ship shops may be, the world is your oyster when you dock at your port of call. Depending on where you cruise, the choices of local shopping can vary greatly. Rum, diamonds, leather, LV, all available at great deals if you know where to shop. Overwhelmed by choices? Find your local shopping advisors on board. They will hold discussion groups the day before port and will have coupons and incentives for local stores. Please note these are not employees of Disney, and while they are very helpful, they are there to encourage you to shop at certain stores. Do your homework to make sure the great deal is truly a great deal. Bargains are there to be had!


2. Naps.. Ok just kidding.


There is something decadent about slowing down and doing absolutely nothing on a ship with endless things to do. My favorite places to nap/do nothing/people watch on the Disney cruise include the heated stone loungers in the spa, Satellite falls at the top of the Fantasy under the misters, deck 4 aft by the shuffle boards (you never know who is coming out of that side door) and my room with the verandah door open, sea breeze blowing by. I was worried about motion sickness, but the gentle rocking of the boat is the best thing to help you sleep. You will never feel more rested.


And Lastly!!!!

1. Food!!!


You can never be hungry on a Disney cruise. With 3 main dining rooms, 3 quick service counters, an amazing buffet, two adult only dining restaurants, and room service available for free, there is something for everyone.

Palo and Remy, the two adult only dining locations, are not to be missed. For a nominal fee you will enjoy a dining experience that rivals the signature meals at Walt Disney World. Pizza and burgers more your speed, enjoy Luigi’s pizza and Mater’s grill steps away from the pool. Our not to miss picks for each cruise include the homemade chocolate chip cookies from room service and the banana ice cream from Castaway Cay.

All of these things combined with the amazing AquaDuck, a day on a private island of paradise, character meet and greets combined with Disney’s world class service make a Disney Cruise your next Disney must do!




***Stephanie will have to let us know if she gets her friend on a cruise in 2016