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What to do with all the MagicBands that Disney sends each time you visit or change resorts during one trip?  No, I’m not hoarding them, but it sure seems like it.  I guess we go to Walt Disney World a lot 🙂 Is it sad that the picture doesn’t even show all of the Magicbands we own.  If there was a button on the My Disney Experience custom Magicband page, we would just customize the bands for the individuals in our party that do need a Magicband.  That option is not available.

So the question is, what do you do with all of them?  I seriously have enough Magicbands in every color to decorate and coordinate with an outfit everyday if I wanted.  I guess thats an option of how to use them, but I’m not a fashionista so color coordinating is not in my books.  We have recently sent some off to friends so they could unlock the Dragon Lair, and didn’t ask for them in return since we have enough.

This is what I did with them.  Hubby and I got a kick out of seeing a long Magicband rope.  MAGICBAND ROPE!  Exercise with them…hahaha…just kidding, no jumping roping happened.    We obviously love Disney and the Magicbands show that.  Anyways, I decided to do a Magicband count down for our Disney trip.

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Mickey is wearing the last Magicband which would mean the day we travel to Disney.  I had something else in mind to display the bands for the count down, but no time to execute my idea.  Next trip I’ll do something different.  It was a hit with our son.  He loved unsnapping the Magicband each morning then counting the ones that were left.

I am also working on “nubbing” a Magicband.  Nubbing is a word I made up for what I’m doing to the Magicband.  Now don’t freak out on me when I tell you what I’m doing.  The Magicband is still alive and functional.  Basically there are times I don’t want to wear a Magicband and would prefer it attached to a retractable clip of sorts.  Because I don’t want it to be bulky either I’ve cut the bands off of it.  Yes, I did..I went there.  Hey, this would be great for those guys that don’t like wearing the bands too.  They could keep it in there pocket or attach it to a belt clip…anywhere really.  I’ll do a post on that next month to y’all what I did.

What have you done with your Magicbands?  Would love to hear/see all your creative idea