I wanted to mess around with the temporary tattoos on the magic bands to see how well they would stay on.  I used 2 magic bands that were my experiment bands.  First let me show you how I put the temporary tattoo on the magic band.

I found the temporary tattoos at the Dollar Store and at Five Below.  You can find them at almost any store.


Here are the simple steps


Magic band steps w directions FINAL


You can decorate your magic band with colored nail polish too.  Like painting on your magic band just using colored nail polish instead.   I’m not artistic in the slightest bit so there is nothing i can draw other then a stick figure.    You can also add bling to the magic band, you will need to use really good adhesive.  If you don’t care about redesigning the magic band that you want to bling out, use a good adhesive like E6000.

Back to my experiment…what i wanted answered

1.  Can I remove the tattoos to redesign the same Magic band for future use?  Some people might want something different everyday or they want to reuse the Magic Band in the future.

2.  Do I really need to put a top coat on the tattoo to seal it?

3.  What would happen if I bend, scrap and wash the magic band with soap with the temporary tattoos on it?

4.  Does it matter if a clear coat is applied all messy as opposed to a nice thin smooth coat?  And how would it look if it is applied all messy and uneven?

I abused the Magic band for 3 weeks 🙂 Sounds bad..haha..  I bent the band where the tattoo was to see if the tattoo would flake off easy or to see if the picture would crack apart.  I continuously washed them with soap and water.  This is what they look like after 3 weeks of me messing with the tattoos on the band.  As far as the clear coat nail polish, you can use any name brand.

magicband 3weeks later w titles

As you can see the tattoos held up really well.  So if someone wanted to change the look of their band often they can go to town and match their outfits or mood.   If someone was worried about how they would hold up during the duration of their visit, fear no more because these babies are not going anywhere until you remove them.

How to remove the tattoo from the bands?  Use nail polish remover.  Any nail polish remover.

I am going to see what happens if I put bling on a temporary tattoo and maybe add color to the picture with colored nail polish.  Seeing as I can’t draw anything I’ll have to use a temporary tattoo as my template.

Have fun with your Magic Bands!  What will do with yours?