I’ve been busy busy busy.  I am not the most computer literate person or photoshop user, so it took me a while to make these.  I’m pretty proud of them.  I originally made smaller Mission Mouse buttons, but I wanted them the same size as the free Disney buttons so I redid the MM pins into 3″ buttons.  I like them so much better this way.



Our upcoming trip is a military homecoming celebration for my hubbies safe return after his one year deployment.  We have friends flying in from Hawaii, Texas, and southern Florida to welcome him back.  I figured the only celebration pins they have at Disney are the family reunion ones.  Although, our friends are our family and its a reunion, it just doesn’t celebrate the exact reason of why we are all at Disney.  I wanted the Military Homecoming pins to look like the ones you can get from Disney.  I had the Mickey font downloaded years ago and the rest was basically layering using Photoshop Elements.  I really love how they came out.  The little one wanted his button to be a little different and special.  I made the one with the American flag for the hubby to wear.  I love the flag on it.  He doesn’t know about the buttons yet.  I’ll surprise him when we get to Disney.IMG_3497_edited-1


My last pin project are these super cute name badges my close friend, Stacey, got me from Hong Kong.  They can be used as a bag tag or as a pin.


I wanted us to wear them as name badges.  Kai always gets a kick when a Cast Member addresses him by his name.  I just covered the holes at the top of the name badge with some Disney pins.  I didn’t have time to get the tags engraved so I just cut vinyl for our names..Which might be better because we can interchange the tags with the one we would want to wear for a future trip.  Doesn’t seem like I have a lot time for anything or I’m a procrastinator.  I’ll just go with the “I don’t have enough time” excuse 🙂



So if anyone knows me they know I love the disney name tags.  Yesterday I received  a surprise box from my bestie, Kim Arita.  On one of her visits to Japan Disney she got these limited edition Tokyo Disney Anniversary tags, they are super cute and well made.  I of course did not make these but I just had to share them since I was talking about name badges.  Aren’t they adorable!?



Have you made a custom button for a Disney trip?