Friday, June 27th, was a busy day for the WWP vinyls..really a busy hot day for me, but it was fun to show off the artist’s vinyls.   It was exciting to have Kathy Kaiser, Disney Program Development, admire and take photos of the vinyls with Disney Radio.  They were not displayed for too long because Kathy and I were a little nervous by the large crowd they attracted.   Not only that but the weather too as it was pretty hot and humid so we didn’t want them sitting out in the sun.  I loved the fact that the artist can say “One of my art pieces hung out with Disney”

Pretty cool, don’t you think?

WWP Disney Radio STL_edited-1watermarked

WWP Panorama1_edited watermarked_edited-1


2014 WWP artists:

Jason Cracraft-Windell
Haily Windell
Jerry Sinner
– Tom Shultis
Bethany Norris
Kathlene Evans
Mickey Real
Nanette Simard Belgen
Jennifer Bednarski
Roman Rodriguez
Deborah Min
Brian Shapiro
Josh Edwards
David Falk
Mike Vetrone
Ryan Marella
Celeste Villanueva
Chris Porter
Craig Larson
Matt Ferry
John Paul Amezcua

Mission: Mouse – Wounded Warrior Project

WHEN: July 4, 2014

WHERE: VK Auction House Facebook group


Sponsored by VinylMadness & Vinylmation Kingdom
Benefit fundraiser for Wounded Warrior Project
100% proceeds donated to WWP.



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