I love the fact that i have friends that are just as crazy about Disney as I am, but love to shop too.  Guess some of us could be crazy bag ladies too 😛 But its Disney purses and wallets, so its okay.  Anyways, wanted to share what we got today in the mail. Have you heard of Duffy’s friend Gelatoni, the cat?  Not sure if Disney parks here will get any of the Gelatoni merchandise, but my girlfriends really wanted them.


Whats in the Picture?  Basically stuff you can only get in Japan Disney parks.

Disney Nanoblocks-basically really small Lego pieces.  Only Japan Disney gets the exclusive Disney character nanoblocks.  I really love the disney figures in the nano blocks.  They generally will release special limited nanos for the Matsuris, festivals, through the year.

Dooney & Bourke Comic Letter Carrier-the tan with the black and white comic was exclusive to Disney Japan but is now retired.  It also has the pretty metal Dooney emblem where as the US version of the Comic LC has the leather emblem instead. Pretty hard to find one and if you do its probably marked up too high. Glad I was able to find some for my friends.  Second Dooney LC will be in the next box, that one is a surprise from a wonderful hubby to his wifey.

Sally Plush & Gelatoni Plush-Sally is Minnie’s teddy bear, and Gelatoni is Duffy’s friend…guess they are all friends really. Plush friends 🙂

Gelatoni ID Plush Bag–  this is a cross body little purse ID holder.  Its something different if you just want something super small and hands free.

Samantha Thavasa Disney wallets-Her disney stuff can only be found in Japan Disney.  Its not leather but i love her stuff because it is really light.  Someone with a bad back that likes to carry the whole house would really like some of the collection.  Know anyone like that? Her stuff is really cute and she is a super popular designer amongst the Japanese.  The wallets in this shipment are from the D23 Expo Limited release Sorcerer collection and the Happiness Anniversary Limited collection.  Couple of my friends ordered different colors and sizes. The next box will have 2 purses from the Happiness Anniversary Limited collection.  The pink Happiness is so cute.

Thats all thats in this box.  Thought I’d share our craziness 🙂  Some of us say its for our “kids”..hahaha