Mark your calendars, July 4th kicks off our 2nd annual Wounded Warrior Project Auction at VK Auction House!!   Show your support for a  wounded veteran by bidding on a one of a kind art piece.  This year we have 21 artists that donated their work for WWP,  the vinylmations will be auctioned off in groups of 7.

Group 1 will run from July 4-7 (Tom Shultis, Kathlene Evans, Chris Porter, Bethany Norris, Haily Windell, Josh Edwards, John Paul Amezcua)

Group 2 is July 7-10 (Nannette Simard Belgen, David Falk, Jerry Sinner, Deborah Min, Craig Larson, Roman Rodriguez, Matt Ferry)

Group 3 from July 10-13 (Mike Vetrone, Brian Shapiro, Jason Cracraft-Windell, Ryan Marella, Jennifer Bednarski, Celeste Villanueva, Mickey Real)


Group 1 auction: July 4-7

Tom Shultis

– “Ka-Chow!!” this patriotic car is rolling with a metallic paint job that shimmers when the sun hits it.  Tom is a former Marine who is also a gifted artist.  Tom airbrushed on a cars mold, Vinylmation 95, which he then attached to a custom painted base with the message “Home of the free, because of the Brave”.  Base measures 12″ long x 7 3/4″ Wide x 1″ tall.  The vinylmation is about 8″ Long and 4″ Tall

Tom 2014


Kathlene Evans

-Kathlene was inspired by the Disney short, “Private Pluto” .  She worked her magic and did some clay molding with his ear and hat. “Gurrrr”  don’t want to mess with this puppy.

pluto oswald


Bethany Norris

-Frozen’s ELSA!!  She has joined the Woman’s Army Corps during WWII.  Bethany said, “I tried to think of the perfect female who would be willing to fight in the war when most stayed home.”  I agree Elsa is strong character.  Any Frozen fan will love this 3″ vinylmation.

Elsa WW

Haily Windell

-3″ Saluting Jessica in Glass Shadow box.  The shadow box measures 5 1/2″ x 7 3/4″ and it can be hung or placed on a desk or shelf.  The vinylmation can be removed from the shadow box but why would anyone do that…she looks pretty in front of the American Flag


Chris Porter

-3″ Oswald!  Who doesn’t love Oswald?  Chris molded Oswald’s arm with clay so that he could salute.  This is a Patriotic vinylmation, and will brighten up anyones home.

pluto oswald - Version 2

Josh Edwards

-3″ Little Green Army Man!  “Ohhhhhhhh”  This little army guy must have been in charge of Buzz’s Star Command.  I’m sure he would say to the winning bidder “I have been chosen.”

lgm salute


John Paul Amezcua

-“Seven Seas Mickey” is what this 3″ vinylmation is named.  The name makes me think of  the Navy March “Anchors Aweigh” and the verse On seven seas we learn Navy’s stern call:Faith, Courage, Service true, with Honor, Over Honor, Over All.  John did clay molding on the uniform as well as the hat.  Another artist commented on this piece, “I love the serenity look to him.”




Group 2 auction: July 7-10

Nanette Simard Belgen

-“A History of Bravery and Sacrifice” is what this 9″ Vinylmation is named.  Nanette painted the Gettysburg address on the front of the vinylmation, and she also painted names from the Vietnam Memorial wall, as many she could fit, on the side of the vinyl.   This piece is one that someone would have to appreciate in person.  The attention to detail is incredible.  Nanette made a custom base that reads “Here Rests in Honored Glory an American Soldier Known but to God” on both sides.  The draped flag, boots, news paper, military bag, grapes, and the ink bottle and feather were all molded with clay. Base measures 9 1/2″Long x 7″ Wide x 4″ tall

9 vinyls - Version 2


Jerry Sinner

-3″ Navy Donald!  Don’t get in his way, looks like Donald is on a mission. “Non sibi sed patriae” – “Not for Self but Country”, I’d say thats whats written all over his face.

donald nurse


Deborah Min

-3″ Minnie Nurse!  From the beginning military nurses have been at the forefront in developing nursing as a science and profession of Caring.  They have served all over the world, cared for the ill during epidemics, provided care for the dying and are one of the most revered and respected professions in the military.

donald nurse - Version 2


David Falk

-3″ Wounded Warrior Marine!  David explains, “I wanted my figure to let everyone know that these people are heroes and who better than one of Disney biggest heroes Hercules. He is also wounded and representing the Marines.”  Another artist said it best “this piece is a very impactful design.”  This vinyl represents a strong and proud wounded Marine.

Elsa WW - Version 2


Craig Larson

-3″ Paratrooper Mickey with very special meaning!  Craig,”My grandfather was a paratrooper during WWII and the limited stories he told me were fascinating, so I dedicate this to him and his service.”  Craig did clay molding work with the custom hat and on his arm and hands so that Mickey could salute.

lgm salute - Version 2

Roman Rodriguez

-3″ USAF General Buzz.  For all those Buzz Lighyear fans this is a custom thats a must have.  Buzz’s head was sculpted with clay.  Not sure what he is thinking but he looks scared.

buzz doc


Matt Ferry

-3″ Blue Angels on a clear 3″ vinylmation.  Nothing like the awesome fly over of the F/A-18 Hornet to get the adrenaline going.  If you have one of those light up bases, this vinyl looks really cool placed on top of it.




Group 3 auction: July 10-13

 Mike Vetrone

-Uncle Mickey Wants You!   This is a 3″ vinylmation has clay molding work on his hand so that Mickey can point.  Mike gave this piece a different tone that is sort of an antiqued look.  Beautiful vinyl!

jess pointing - Version 2


Brian Shapiro

-Army Doc!  Brian said the vinyl was, “a salute to the men and women who care for our troop’s medical needs.  As the proud son of my dad, who served as an army dentist, I want to honor the army docs out there helping our troops.”  Brian himself is not only a wonderful artist but also a great doctor and author.  This  3″ Army Doctor is a wonderful dedication to all those medical teams that are always there for our soldiers.

buzz doc - Version 2


Jason Cracraft-Windell

-There is an added special touch on the back of the 5 1/2″x 7 3/4″ glass shadow box.  You push a button and it plays Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA”.  The Purple Heart Medal  is represented on this 3″ vinylmation.  This piece makes me sing the lyrics in my head…” That I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free.  And I wont forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.”   



Ryan Marella

-3″ Pilot Mickey.  For all those military pilots or family of a military pilot, this is a really nice addition to anyones office or home.  Mickey in an old school bomber jacket represents the history of American pilots through out the years

snow white pilot - Version 2


Celeste Villanueva

-3″ Snow White as Rosie!  “WE CAN DO IT!”  Rosie was an icon that represented American women who worked in factories during World War II, many of whom produced ammunitions and war supplies. Women sometimes had to take entirely new jobs replacing male workers who were in the military.

snow white pilot


Jennifer Bednarski

-3″ Jessica Rabbit Navy.  Jennifer was inspired by a retro navy recruitment poster she found, but also made the vinyl in honor of her father-in-law who served in the navy during the Vietnam War.  The sculpting of Jessica’s hair is amazing and how can you not notice her curves.  Really beautiful work on this vinyl.

jess pointing

Mickey Real

-9″ POW MIA.  Mickey based his design from the POW/MIA flag.   It is a flag designed as a symbol of citizen concern about US military personnel taken as prisoners of war (POWs) or listed as missing in action (MIA).  As on the flag, the message “You are Not Forgotten” is written across the bottom front of the vinyl.

9 vinyls



Mission: Mouse – Wounded Warrior Project

WHEN: July 4, 2014

WHERE: VK Auction House Facebook group


Sponsored by VinylMadness & Vinylmation Kingdom
Benefit fundraiser for Wounded Warrior Project
100% proceeds donated to WWP.

How it works

1.  You will have to ask to join VK Auction House’s Facebook group.

2.  When the vinyls are posted they will have an end time indicated on the post.  If you are the winning bidder, you will be contacted by me or one of the Administrators as to where to send payment.  Immediate payment is required.

3.  Once payment is received, vinyl will be shipped within 24 hours and a tracking number will be given

4.  You are the happy owner of one awesome custom vinyl and you supported an incredible cause!!!  You rock!

**Once all the auctions are finished, we will let everyone know how much was raised to help our injured soldiers 🙂